Good Power to the Good People

Good Sun Solar is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation registered in California. Founded in July of 2013 by a group of good-hearted folk that have been volunteering, traveling, and working abroad over the past 20 or so years, we operate as Nevada County’s only not-for-profit solar company. We are trained in many, various technical and environmental fields and we apply our experience and education to help others less fortunate.

Our Mission: To improve the lives of impoverished and underprivileged individuals and communities by installing renewable energy power systems and by providing education about, and awareness of renewable energy, sustainable design, and appropriate technology.

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Recognition: There are millions upon millions of amazing, beautiful, talented, brilliant, kind, and wonderfully unique people in the world who will never get the opportunity to realize their life potential due to some unpropitious deformation of fate: Poverty, drought, war, family obligations, social momentum…

Gratitude: Trained on appropriate application of low-tech solutions, Good Sun operatives utilize their experience with solar and water technologies to provide clean, sustainable sources of power and water for people who struggle for it. Being blessed with opportunities in education and experience, we can help others who have not been so lucky…but are no less deserving. So let’s get to it!

A Brief History of Good Sun Volunteers

Collectively, Good Sun volunteers have traveled to over 80 different countries across 6 continents, admittedly sometimes only for recreation, and have developed drinking water wells and provided solarization services in Africa, taught environmental education and science classes in Africa and Central America, built a school in Nicaragua, Provided ESL services in Europe, and have provided youth care services in South America, Asia and Australia.

Good Sun volunteers operate their own solar contracting companies. These firms stay busy solarizing homes and businesses to ease financial burdens placed on consumers, ease supply burdens of power generation facilities, and ease the environmental burdens imposed on our natural resources.

Donate your used solar equipment.